New Prototype Available!

Hell yeah from now on you can play the new version of Arkapongout!

What's new?

  • Lives: Now you'll have 3 lives to spend trying to win the game
  • Power Ups: There's a probability that when you break a brick it drops a power up to help you succeed.
  • Keyboard controls: Ready to manage the paddle with your keyboard?
  • Sounds: A delightful set of sounds has been added to the game
  • Pixel Graphics: All the UI has been redesigned to be pixel art style
  • Improve Ball management: Now the ball will react better when you hit it with the paddle extremes.
  • Lazy Ball: The ball velocity has been reduce to let someone win the game (Hope you make it).
  • Immortal briks: Don't worry they aren't in the current level

What now?

Now is time to prepare the next version. And probably it would have this things:

  • Improved level design
  • More levels
  • More level ups
  • Visual improvements
  • Music?

See you in in the next release!

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